Children’s Director – Hillarie Hunt …13 Charmers!…

When you see the 2013 Christmas Revels show, keep a close eye out:  one of those 13 charming, impossibly talented children you see on stage might just be the next Broadway star – or world leader.

In addition to having lovely singing voices, stage presence, and all-around adorability, these kids have other mad skills – from sports to arts/crafts, and from politics to science to musical instruments (sometimes more than one!).

  • Aria is our resident poet who knits a very stylish hat in a matter of days. 
  • Brooklynn is quite the deep thinker, and both swims AND skis. 
  • Cullen wants to be an engineer, architect, lawyer, or physical therapist – hasn’t decided yet, and I suppose there’s still time. 
  • Ella plays three (that’s right, THREE) different instruments and loves marine science. 
  • Iona adores art of all kinds, but especially drawing, knitting – and the art of playing with friends. 
  • Liam is a lively but compassionate soccer player. 
  • Lila has a huge sense of humor under that quiet exterior. 
  • Madison (Cullen’s younger sister) plays piano at Level 4 and wants to be a pop star and a physical therapist. 
  • Malena is a very good student at school and is, in her words, “very creative in my own way”. 
  • Matthew performs in the Portland Boys Choir as well as Revels and plays the piano. 
  • Molly is a very confident public speaker and enjoys playing soccer. 
  • Sahalie is giving to Revels, in her own words, “my voice, my smile and my good spirit” (they’re all good). 
  • Sophie is a self-professed “craze-amazing reader” who is in her fifth Revels cast, plays piano, and aspires to the Senate one day.
2013 Christmas Revels Children's Chorus

inner ring – Iona, Lila, Aria, Molly, Liam, Brooklyn — outer ring – Ella, Sahalie, Sophie, Matty, Malena, Madison, Hillarie, Cullen, Matthew

This is a deep bench, wouldn’t you agree?

And it’s a good thing, too, because these wonderful children need to hold their own with the likes of Burl Ross, Ithica Tell, Eric Stern, and the rest of the adult Revels cast.  These kids bring freshness and energy and a major “awww…” factor to an already sparkling production full of incredible talent.

So bring your lovely children to see our lovely children!!  Better yet, bring the whole darn family.  I promise you that everyone – even your Scrooge-y Uncle Bob – will be drawn in by the music, comedy, spectacle, and sheer joy that is the 2013 Christmas Revels show.



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